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As a product of its meetings at the UN, AFI Changemakers frequently publish reports detailing work done at the UN, as well as statements presented to the international community. Please feel free to view and download them here.

This page will be updated after every event, so be sure to check back regularly for detailed information about our most recent work.

This report on the Right to Development was carried out following the 32nd Session of the UN Human Rights Council taking into consideration what was said together with our own submissions derived from our research. The report highlights the similar and symbiotic nature of basic human rights and the basic needs of development. It then goes on to examine the effects of phenomena such as marginalization of certain sectors of populations and those of the involvement of multi-national corporations on these developing economies and their human rights records. The report puts forward a number of recommendations to conclude that there is a need for more practical enforcement of the Right to Development, that all individuals must be included in the process and that the international community should focus on capacity building in order to achieve this.

Authors:Isabel Pearson, Sofia Kelly, Tizane Rogers


In attending the UNHRC, AFI Changemakers noted that the new challenges for freedom of expression posed by the advancements of new technology and the digital age are juxtaposed with continuing and prevalent violations of the right in its most rudimentary forms. This report explores this position and outlines recommendations for the Human Rights Council.

The report also draws on the youth perspective and how advancements can hinder free expression for the youth.

Authors:Iman Nauman, Rebecca Morcos

ISBN: 978-0-9980092-0-9

AFI Changemakers Report on Extreme Poverty

Prepared on behalf of AFI Changemakers, the report on extreme poverty 2016 explores statistics and discussion around the topic of extreme poverty in a modern day context. The report provides a brief thematic background of social-economic rights and human rights and explores ideas in the form of recommendations, to address the issue. There is a particular focus and expansion on the “RIA Framework” presented by Sir Philip Alston at the 32nd Session of the Human Rights Council, 2016.

The Report is intended to promote youth awareness of human rights issues, and provide a platform to facilitate dialogue and tools for further action between youth and government.

Authors: Ruth Reid, Benjamin Ryder, Erum Dahar
ISBN: 978-0-9980092-2-3

AFI Changemakers Report on Human Trafficking

This report on Human Trafficking was prepared and presented at the 32nd session of the Human Rights Council. This report is influential as AFI Changemakers have explicitly explained what human trafficking is and why it is such a concerning topic which was greatly discussed during the session. This report explores the main reasons of trafficking such as conflict. Furthermore the report explains the different types of trafficking, various statistics from different reports have been analyzed for example UNICEF on children trafficking. In addition Changemakers noticed a gap as a lot of the research ignores men and boys, thus this shows gender biases are coherent in international institutions. The report also suggests a number of recommendations, which concludes the report.

Authors: Zainab Ahmed, Samaira Nazar Ali, Satarupa Ghosh

ISBN: 978-0-9980092-3-0

The official AFI Changemakers report from our summit on international development and human rights, held in Portcullis House in partnership with Parliament Week 2015. This report contains some background information on the issues discussed by Changemakers on the day, and presents policy recommendations designed to promote progress in these areas. The following topics are included in the report: The Israel/Palestine conflict, refugees and asylum seekers in the UK, corporations and human rights, and gender in relation to human rights. This report will be used to promote the ideas of young people to policymakers in the UK, and internationally where appropriate.

An AFI Changemakers Report to the United Nations at the 68th World Health Assembly, 2015. This report details the policy recommendations of Changemakers Delegates present at the 68th World Health Assembly, focusing on three crucial areas: World Health Organisation reform, communicable diseases and the health issues and needs of youth in long-term conflict zones. The report also includes the views and opinions of young people from Palestine on the issues facing them in terms of accessing healthcare. Click here to see photos of the meeting.

AFI Changemakers: Official statement made to the 16th session of the Working Group on the Right to Development. More information on the session can be found here.

AFI Changemakers at the United Nations, Geneva 2015. Social Forum Report on the Right to Health and Access to Medicines. This report details the following issue areas discussed relating to the right to health and access to medicines: Mental health, Corruption within healthcare, and Sustainability of healthcare policies and access to medicines. The report also details presentations given by delegates at the AFI Changemakers side panel event, as well as a brief summary of our upcoming events. Click to see photos of the meeting.

AFI Changemakers at the United Nations: Report on Mental Health. This report draws attention to the globalproblems associated with mental health disabilities.The following areas are addressed: The legal framework, a medical perspective, and awareness and acceptance of mental health problems.

AFI Changemakers at the United Nations: Report on the Sustainability of Healthcare and Access to Medicines. This report explores the following areas of importance, which must be considered in order to achieve sustainable healthcare policies and medicinal access around the world: Education and awareness of health, infrastructure, digital infrastructure, and the importance of a bottom up, community-led approach.

AFI Changemakers at the United Nations: Report on Corruption in Healthcare. This report explores the following issues relating to corruption within healthcare, and presents policy recommendations with a view to resolving them: The politics and economics of corruption, domestic production of medicines, trade treaties and access to health, and public awareness of healthcare.

AFI Changemakers: Official statement made to the 14th session of the Committee of Experts on Public Administration (CEPA). The session explores the role of trustworthy governance in pursuit of the sustainable development goals.

AFI Changemakers Summit: United Nations, Geneva, December 2014. Report to the right to Development Working Group. This report explores the following areas relating to the right to development: Conflict Zones, climate change, food security, slavery & trafficking, discrimination, and sustainability. Policy recommendations in these areas are also included.

AFI Changemakers at the United Nations: Report on Discrimination, 2014. This is a detailed report on the issue of discrimination in the context of the right to development. the report focuses on the following issues: Children’s rights, race, religion, gender, LGBY+, class, migrants, and intellectual, mental and physical disability. Policy Recommendations in these areas are included in the report.

AFI Changemakers at the United Nations: Report on Slavery and Human Trafficking. This is a detailed report on the aforementioned issues, addressing: Push and pull factors, the role of business in combatting slavery and human trafficking, raising awareness in order to identify victims, perceptions of slavery and trafficking, front-line border controls, and international legal concerns. Policy recommendations in these areas are included in the report.

AFI Changemakers at the United Nations: 2013 Right to Development Report. This report provides an overview of the work undertaken at the 2013 Right to Development Summit in Geneva. This report focuses on the following areas of importance to young people in the context of development: Education, business for development, employment, and slavery and trafficking. The report also outlines the visions and ambitions of AFI Changemakers moving forward, and includes policy recommendations generated from the event.

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